Forever Love Package

2017 HWA-YOUNG Miramar、Zhonglun、Global

Jan. 2017 - Sep. 2017

Wedding Planning Service:

Wedding consulting & planning

Wedding manager on wedding day

Supervising wedding procedure

Ceremony music planning

Exclusive HWA-YOUNG red carpet

Bride's restroom

Special price for wedding setting and display

6 hours free parking for each table

One HWA-YOUNG selected wine per table (corkage fee NT$500 for bringing alcohol by customers themselves)

Unlimited supply of 100% fresh juice

Designed welcome and wedding candies

Bride's light meal on the wedding day

20% discount on menu trial / 1 table (down payment required)


You will get one extra table for free if you make a reservation of ten. 

Note 1: The dishes will be the same, and limited to the use of same day. 
Note 2: Book 11 tables you will get one table for free, 22 tables you will get two tables for free, and so on. 

Offers are applicable to orders of 15 tables or above, and can not be substitute for other premiums or offers.

For reservation of less than 15 tables, wedding planning service will be available for an additional fee of NT$8,800.

We offer an on-duty wedding manager on the wedding day. If assign an on-duty wedding manager by your own, additional fee(NT$8,800) will be charged.

We offer an wedding invitation which were designed and cooperated with The Child Welfare League Foundation.


The applicable date:

1/1、1/8、1/14、1/21、1/22、2/4、2/5、2/11、2/19、2/26、2/28、3/4、3/11、3/18、3/19、4/8、4/15、4/23、4/29、4/30、5/6、 5/21、5/27、6/18、6/24、7/8、7/22、7/29、7/30、8/6、8/19、8/26、 8/27、9/2、9/3、9/9、9/10、9/16、9/17、9/23、9/24、9/30

■Other wedding banquet package

Gleaming (NT$13,800+10%/10 people from Mon. to Thu.)

Glittering (NT$ 16,800+10%/10 people)

Dazzling (NT$ 19,800+10%/10 people)