Our Stories

The First Dance

While the newlyweds are the stars of any wedding, at the reception, everyone gets their chance to shine. Once there was a couple who both worked in the design industry. Surrounded by so many talented, hard-working, but single colleagues, the pair wanted to do something for them as part of their own wedding. And so, they invited HWA-YOUNG's Wedding Plus team to organize a "match game" as part of the reception. The core of the game came from the newlyweds' recollections of the Western tradition of "the first dance." As the guests arrived, they were given heart-shaped badges of different colors--silver for the singles, gold for the rest. Naturally, the guests had no idea what was about to happen. When the time came, the singles were invited up to the stage to play a game that matched them up with someone of the opposite sex, with the winners of the game invited to share the first dance with the newlyweds. While at first people were shy or embarrassed, the romantic atmosphere proved contagious, and soon enough everyone began to get swept away.
How many of those couples ended up staying together afterward we may never know, but that wedding proved to be an unforgettable experience for couple and guests alike, thanks to Wedding Plus.

The Proposing

“When he proposed to me, the usually way was just like asking me have you eaten yet.” the bride -to-be said.
As the bride-to-be smiled and talked to her, HWA-YOUNG wedding planner Lulu could hear a tinge of sadness. After a long talk, Lulu learned that the couple were both Chinese Culture University graduates, and in their school days, they frequented a beef noodles stall near the campus. The free broth top-ups saw them through many a tough time, but also created lasting memories of love. "This reception has to be a perfectly happy occasion!" With this mission in mind, the bride-to-be took Lulu to the PCCU campus, and even took her to get a bowl of those piping-hot beef noodles. On the wedding day, as the bride was changing out of her wedding dress for the reception, Lulu had the head chef at HWA-YOUNG carefully heat up that bowl, and when the bride came out to see her new husband holding that bowl of beef noodles, she began welling up. Together, the couple stood on the red carpet and shared a bowl of noodles that represented both their past together and their new shared future.

Happiness Bicycle

Love often buds on campus, and as young lovers ride their bicycles around the school, every inch of the earth there is left with the wheelprints of lovers.

For one couple's special day, HWA-YOUNG's Wedding Plus team aimed to recreate the feeling of those halcyon days.
On the wedding day, the groom rode a bicycle up to the door to pick up his waiting wife-to- be, recreating for themselves and their guests the days nine years prior when they met, complete with the feeling of the innocence of young love. That wedding reception symbolized the journey the newlyweds were setting out on in this new stage of their lives. To mark the moment, Wedding Plus arranged to have a special song play as they entered, reminding them of where they started and to always keep that flame of love alive.

And so, as the groom rode in, the song "Bicycle", by Jason Wang, began to play:

"To and fro I ride by bicycle / Waiting for you to finish class / Every day I ride with you
Gently our hearts speak / In the tones of our rolling wheels / My hopes all are here
The birds in the trees listen in / Listen to our love / To the voices of our happy hearts
My dreams of pure love / Rest here, for you, every day / As I joyfully ride with you
Round and round and round we go / Riding around our love / Ride and ride and ride / Riding with our youthful hopes
The sweet taste / Of our love / My eternity / In your heart"