The First Dance

While the newlyweds are the stars of any wedding, at the reception, everyone gets their chance to shine. Once there was a couple who both worked in the design industry. Surrounded by so many talented, hard-working, but single colleagues, the pair wanted to do something for them as part of their own wedding. And so, they invited HWA-YOUNG's Wedding Plus team to organize a "match game" as part of the reception. The core of the game came from the newlyweds' recollections of the Western tradition of "the first dance." As the guests arrived, they were given heart-shaped badges of different colors--silver for the singles, gold for the rest. Naturally, the guests had no idea what was about to happen. When the time came, the singles were invited up to the stage to play a game that matched them up with someone of the opposite sex, with the winners of the game invited to share the first dance with the newlyweds. While at first people were shy or embarrassed, the romantic atmosphere proved contagious, and soon enough everyone began to get swept away.

How many of those couples ended up staying together afterward we may never know, but that wedding proved to be an unforgettable experience for couple and guests alike, thanks to Wedding Plus.